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In my opinion you are mistaken. Write to me in PM, we will talk.







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How long did you study at watts? And are you currently working as a full time artist, if not what do you do to supplement income? Love your work.


I so blessed to have you as my neighbor. Your paintings are beautiful just like you!

Scott Smith DC

Very nice!

Jeff & Judee Newman

Hi Zorica,
We are blessed to have met your husband, and bought a car from him last week. He is a good friend of our Pastor, Tom Balli, and his wife Sandi, who I know you know also. While we were in your husband's office we admired your many beautiful portraits and love your work! God has truly blessed you with an amazing gift!! We will be in touch when we decide which one to buy. God Bless you!! Jeff & Judee Newman

Sonia Gadra

I want to thank you for the kind help and pointers you offered me while I was copying at the National Gallery of Art today. You gave me a good start on capturing the look and innocence of the child's face. It was my first day as a copyist and I was a bit nervous but I regained my confidence shortly after you came. I looked at your web-site and enjoyed viewing your lovely work. It was a pleasure meeting you today. If you would like, I will send you an image of the finished copy. It may take a few weeks.
Sonia Gadra

C.J. Galbraith

Congradulations on your recent sucess!!. Wow what an honor. Heard you were doing really well and am so blessed to have known you when you just beginning. C.J. from the old Salon Tomoko, now The Salon at the Vineyard. Stop in and see us sometime.

Marlene Levitt

Love your art, Zorica! Your colors are vibrant and your style unique!